She cannot take this any longer,

Her clothes cover the pain.

Nothing covers the emotional pain,

No matter how hard she tries,

Thinking she has no self- worth,

Optimism keeps her going,

She keeps going on,

Her inspiration,

Coming from inside her,

Making it until tomorrow is a battle,

The battle she is trying to win.



Sunday thoughts

Well another Sunday is upon us.  For those who go to church, be blessed.  I am currently enjoying my coffee and relaxing.  Going to do a yoga workout today and work on my writing some.  Hopefully I can come up with some good ideas.  It’s like I’ve had writers block lately.  I plan to break through that today. I need to finish a book I am working on and work on some poetry for a book.  Life is going well today and I am maintaining a positive attitude that life will work out underGod’s plan for me.  Be blessed!

Violence against women

There is an epidemic in americ of violence against women.  It has to stop or become a hate crime because it is usually man on women violence, although it can go either way.  I am going to put out some facts about domestic violence.  It is the leading cause of injuries in women ages 15 to 44.  3 to 4 million women are beaten in their homes by boyfriends, husbands, or ex-husbands.  A woman is beaten every 15 seconds in America.  1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.  40% to 60% of police calls are domestic violence, the most dangerous type of call.  Domestic violence occurs in every culture and same sex relationships.  The violence becomes worse over time.  An abuser never changes their ways.  25% to 45% of all women arebeaten during pregnancy.  Nearly 7.8 million women will experience rape by a partner.  More women have been killed by domestic violence than in 9/11, Iran, and Afganistan in this century.  U.S troops killed in Afganistan and Iraq 6,614. Same amount of time, women killed by domestic violence 11,766.  These statistics are staggering and something needs to be done about this issue.

Randpm thoughts

Just getting ready to go to bed and having some thoughts.  I often think about how life would be if my choices had been different.  This, in some cases, causes me guilt and shame.  I feel stupid and worthless.  Then i try to remember al the good times and good friends.  I am currently anxious about the week ahead.  I have a lot of deep things to do.  They will cause triggers and bad thoughts.  I know I have the inner srength to deal with anything it is just using it.  I shall remain positive at all times and maintain the happy thoughts.  If I have problems, I will talk about them instead of holding them in.  I must believe next week will be good.

Music inspires

I do not know about most people but music inspires me and helps my mood.  Nothing like a good song when you are feeling down or depressed.  It lifts the mood and distracts you from your problems.  Music also inspires some ofmy writing.  I have my favorite songs but enjoy all types of music, each coming with a different memory and inspiration. Music means something different for everyone.

Small town girl

Small town girl

Carmen grew up in your average small town in the middle of nowhere.  She had never been out of this town.  She was now on her way to her job as a waitress at the local diner.  She was lost in thoughts of all the places she had seen on tv and how she wanted to go there.  Oh how I want out of this town she thought.  She arrived at work and did her shift.  All of her money went saving to get out of this town.  She had dreams of seeing the world, starting with Europe.  It was going to be expensive and she had been saving for years.  She worked as many shifts as she could just to fulfill her dream. Her determination toward her goal, kept her going.

Carmen made her way home and into the house.  She could not stop thinking about leaving.  She counted her tips.  Another fifty toward her goal.  Going to her closet, she pulled out an antique, wooden box.  A gift from her grandmother, she set it down on the dresser.  Pulling the key from her jewelry box, she unlocked the wooden box.

She pulled out all of the money in the box and counted her money.  She had saved up a lot and was almost to her goal for her trip to Europe.  She put the box and key away and went to the kitchen.  Where she started planning her trip.  It was only going to take another week of work for her to reach her goal. Then she had to secure her house and get everything ready.  She was going through a travel agent she had gone to school with.

Carmen was so excited.  This is really going to happen she thought.  She planned on being gone for six weeks.  That would give her enough time to see the places she wanted to see.  Her boss had told her that if she went he would hold her job for her.  Now it was going to happen because of all her hard work.

Carmen was too excited to sleep. So she started writing things down.  Things she wanted to see in Europe.  Finally, at around 3:00she fell asleep.  She was exhausted the next day but her determination kept her going.  After work, she met with the travel agent.  She wanted to give her the list from the night before so she could plan the trip for Carmen.  She wanted to leave in three weeks, when she had all her money saved.

This would give her work plenty of time to find someone to fill in for her.  The anticipation was driving her crazy.  Finally, she had the money and paid the agent.  Soon she would be flying off to fulfill a dream.


I have a lot of respect for America nad the government that runs it.  I am so tired of all the chaos and turmoil being done.  I am sick of over paid sports players disrespecting America by sitting during the national anthem.  They should lose their jobs.  I live somewhere where all races get along and people are just people.  When I meet someone, I do not judge by their ethnicity but by their character.  There are bad people of all ethnic backgrounds and I have seen this all my life.  I just want people to respect this great country more and to come together to solve its problems.


Well I started my yoga classes yesterday and have never been so relaxed.  I am definitely going to keep going.  I would encourage anyone who has not tried it to try it.  It stretched me out and the breathing relaxed me so much.  It made my back and arthritis feel so much better.  I also enjoyed all the people in the class and the teacher.  So yes I promote yoga and enjoy it.

Today’s agenda

I start mt new yoga classes today and am very excited.  I also have a class on quitting smoking.  This is really hard to do but I am trying.  It takes will power and determination.  I know I am strong enough to do it.  I am hoping yoga will help with my arthritis and give me some eecise at th same time.  I am very focused right now on making my life better and improving myself any way I can.  For all those people out there struggling, you will get through it and remain positive.  Have faith in the higher power to get you through.  That is what I do.

How 9/11/01 affected me

I lived in Vermont at this time very close to New York.  My whole world of innocence and security changed on that day.  All of those innocent lives taken for no reason and by radical Islam.  Our country was devastated yet hundreds showed up in New York to help.  It brought this country together against one enemy.  It seems like over the years we have forgotten about this enemy by allowing them in our country. One specific memory I have from the weekend after was all the New York license plates lining the streets of Vermont towns.  September 11 2001 is when this nation lost it’s innocence and became a part of an endless war.